Analysis of “Kaise To Hora”

Analysis of “Kaise To Hora”
Analysis of “Kaise To Hora”

Analysis of “Kaise To Hora”

Female patients in medicine OPD are entirely different from male patients. They will never tell their complaints properly. If a lady is saying, "Achha Nahi Lagata" it may mean anything from acidity to MI (Myocardial infarction/Heart attack), just premenopausal symptoms to Cancer, and domestic disputes to sexual displeasure.

One fine day, I was sitting in a Medicine OPD of a government hospital; a lady in 60's comes to me- "kaise to hora"

Me- lekin kya hota hai wo to batao.

She- Sar me dard hora 10 saal se, paira dukhte 3 saal se, ulti jaisa lagta khane ke baad

I was about to write Rantac (Antacid) & MVBC (Multivitamins and B complex: the age old placebos used even by Neanderthal doctors!), but to my mercy, with the God's grace to her & also to me, enters her daughter. She showed me ECG done outside. It showed frank hyper acute Myocardial infarct. I asked the great lady if she is getting pain in the chest. She was like- Han, Thoda Hota Udhar Bhi Dard.

I took her to causality, did what was required for MI & thrombolysed in ICU.

Then, I thought of writing to Braunwald requesting him to include these symptoms as symptoms of MI!

Story courtesy  Dr.Vipul