Twin pregnancy - A page from a mother's diary!!

Twin pregnancy - A page from a mother's diary!!
Twin pregnancy - A page from a mother's diary!!

Twin pregnancy - A page from a mother's diary!!

It was 5th of Jan 2018 when I took home pregnancy test and the result was positive!!!!!
Both me and hubby dear were very happy to welcome a new member to our sweet family.
Soon we consulted our doctor for further treatment.

Since it was only a month of my pregnancy I was suggested to take my first sonography on 22nd of Jan 2018. In between this period both my sister and hubby used to tease me that I should be pregnant with twins and how fun that would be!!! Sometimes thinking of the same even I used to smile.

The day of sonography arrived. Since I had surfed the internet for knowing about the initial stages of pregnancy I had many thoughts in my mind...both negative as well as positive. I had read about ectopic pregnancy and that made me think whether everything will be alright with my little one in the womb...and again the next thought would be everything is fine. (Sometimes it's just better not to read some things out of curiosity.)

Soon I was taken for sonography ... Initially doctor was not able to detect the fetus. It made me have shivers down the spine. It's a human tendency to have more of negative thoughts in such a situation ... Both me and hubby were tensed. We were then suggested for taking TVS (trans-vaginal sonography) Here the doctor was able to detect the fetus ....and here we came to know that I have developed two gestational sacs...meaning that there was a possibility of twins...however only one fetus was seen clearly. Doctors were of the opinion that it might be detected after 2 weeks and suggested us for taking one more sonography after 2 weeks. We both were very happy to know that there were twins. We were so much involved in it that we soon started talking everything about twins..

Finally 5th of Feb arrived. It was the day when I was supposed to take my second sonography to confirm my twin pregnancy. Till the sonography took place both me & hubby were expecting that we are having twins... But it turned out to be a bitter truth ... one of my babies was not growing and also some bleeding was observed during the sonography.. The two gestational sacs were still observed during the sonography but there was no fetus development in it... I felt as if some part of my body was lost.. Both me and hubby were upset... One baby was growing fine.

I was asked whether there was any spotting or bleeding observed ..but no such incident had occurred in the two weeks period. It was a very bad day for both of us...
My hubby consoled me that at least one baby is having a fine growth and that we should be thankful for that..
I thank God for the same... It’s a human tendency to look more at the negative aspects rather than concentrating at the positive ones...

The same thing was happening with me... I cried a lot on loss of my one of the babies.. How magical it is na... just within a period of two weeks we both got attached to it..
Anyways later I was consoling myself by saying that everything happens , happens for a good... what would have happened had the baby not grown at a much later stage... it would have been so much complicated... so we both decided to take everything that was happening to be positive.

After the above incident for many days I felt as if still I was carrying twins. I shared it with my hubby and he said even he was having the same feeling. It's really magical how soon we get attached to the unborn baby... However slowly slowly I stopped thinking about twin pregnancy and started taking care of the little one growing in my womb.

Its a really very wonderful feeling of becoming a parent and I really thank the Almighty for granting us this wonderful phase of life!!!

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