Is there any safest level of boozing?

Is there any safest level of boozing?

Is there any safest level of boozing?

The answer may frown alcohol consumers as the answer is "No".

As per latest study conducted, there is no safest level of boozing...

It is an established fact that alcohol consumption is a leading risk factor for disease burden. Various past studies have linked alcohol consumption to at least 60 acute and chronic diseases, while some say having one or two drinks per day is safe and is beneficial to health.

As per latest study conducted worldwide; there is no safest level of alcohol consumption.

Important facts from study:

a) Globally approximately 2•4 billion people drink alcohol, with 1•5 billion males and 0•9 billion being females.

b) Globally, average drink consumed daily were 0•73 daily for females and 1•7 for males.

c) Alcohol use was ranked as the seventh leading risk factor for premature death and disability in 2016.

d) A leading risk factor for disease burden worldwide, it accounts for nearly 10% of global deaths among populations aged between 15–49 years.

e) Strong association between alcohol consumption and the risk of cancer, injuries, and communicable disease

f) Revisit alcohol control policies and health programmes and to consider recommendations for abstention.

Findings from this study; prompt policymakers to rethink on alcohol control policies and various health programmesabout its ill effects. Study authors also suggested measures such as excise taxes on alcohol, controlling the physical availability of alcohol and the hours of sale, and controlling alcohol advertising that may be implemented to reduce the alcohol use.

Image source: indiatimes