Television in childhood: Need to think?

Television in childhood:  Need to think?

Television in childhood: Need to think?

In the past researcher had showed television watching predisposes child to obesity.  The dose–response analysis showed that each 1 h/day increment of TV watching corresponded to a 13% increase in risk of obesity by one or a combination of the following mechanisms: (i) decreased physical activity, (ii) increased energy intake, (iii) increased sedentary behaviour, (iv) exposure to food advertising and (v) reduced sleep time. 

Recent study conducted by researchers at University of Montreal showed having a television in the bedroom during the preschool years can lead to mental and physical health problems in adolescence. Initial years of life are critical period for child’s overall development. Study analysed prospective-longitudinal birth cohort of 907 girls and 952 boys.

The study published in Pediatric Research found having a TV in the bedroom at age 4 made it more likely the child would later have a significantly

  • Higher body mass index,
  • More unhealthy eating habits,
  • Lower levels of sociability, and
  • Higher levels of emotional distress, depressive symptoms, victimization and physical aggression, regardless of individual and family factors that would have predisposed them to such problems

Image source: Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels