CuroMe :

Share It ! Cure It!

CuroMe was founded after listening to stories of thousands of patients and our experiences during routine patient care. We realized that these amazing stories of patients need to be brought together on a single interactive platform of patients as well as medical experts. CuroMe aims to make it easy for people to share their experiences and more importantly present these experiences in a way that other patients can use them

At CuroMe, we are bringing together patients from around the India to share and discover real, actionable crowd sourced patient stories. We feel that the sharing economy in healthcare is on the verge of a takeoff and want to be a part of this change.

What problem does the CuroMe solve?

CuroMe solves the following problems:

For Patients – instead of searching for information across multiple sources, a patient on CuroMe can go through detailed and thorough experiences of fellow patients and experts. They can filter their search based on health issues. Patients can share health related queries and get opinions from experienced persons and health expert.

For health experts – CuroMe leverages technology to provide tools that enable sharing of stories in an easy and beautiful way. CuroMe also serves as a platform wherein health experts can expand their reach and build their personal brand.

Who are we?

We are highly trained health professional from one of the best institute in the world namely National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore.

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